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Traditional German Seasonal Food

Traditional German

Green Pea Soup

This light and creamy soup makes perfect starter to any meal!

Traditional German

Strawberry Dumplings

Looking for exceptional dessert? Please check our sweet dumplings recipe!

Traditional German

Creamed Spinach

Everything with cream tastes better! Don't you agree? 

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Marta Kieser is a Food Guide, Traveler, Blogger and YouTuber. Her goal is to make your food experiences in Germany traditional and authentic. She is a local who loves food as much as you do, and who is willing to share her knowledge with you.

Since 2014 she has been sharing traditional German recipes on her cooking blog Cooking the World. Three years later she opened her food tour business and she has been giving food tours in the city where she lives - Frankfurt ever since. In 2020 she was ready to create a travel blog for all food lovers travelling to Germany - Local Food Advice.

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